5 comments on “Kuyper on America

  1. Good post, thanks for recommending it. The only thing about it that concerns me (and even then, just from a sense of caution) is the hint of making Calvin the focal point and not God, through His risen Son. I only mention this because I find I do it, myself — and far too much for my own comfort. So it is possible that my own sensitivity to giving men the praise that rightly belongs to God. Hope that makes sense.

    Still, the point in this post is well taken and I have NO argument with it. 🙂

    • Your caution is always well received. Jesus is always the focus, not Calvin. Yet we need to speak into history and Calvinism is a historical force as is Blackstone that needs to be engaged.

      • Agreed. Anyone who reads my posts for any length of time will find Blackstone mentioned — and quoted. However, I’ll admit to being a little divided when it comes to Calvin. I have nothing against him, and I recognize the important contribution he made to the preservation of God-based liberty in this world, but I haven’t studied him well enough to decide how I feel about some aspects of what he wrote that leave me a little ‘Scripturally unsettled.’ I need to learn more and seek God’s help in understanding. Maybe then I’ll be more at ease with his role in history. 🙂

      • No doubt. I have several books dealing with the Christian heritage of the Declaration and Constitution, and Calvin comes up in both quite often. It’s sad to say, but the West seems to have forgotten that it owes its civilization to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and — in large part — it owes Calvin for helping to wrest the faith back away from the corrupt hands that had taken it over before the Protestant movement.

        If only we taught our children to know and understand history… 😦

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