2 comments on “Our Children: For the Good of the State

  1. This is from the same era where children were left to beg for themselves on street corners by poor parents, where ONLY the wealthy and privileged could read and write, and where a married woman could not inherit property in her own name. In today’s era this is so much drivel. The fact that many impede a proper education for their children is reason enough to trust the state, who in their wisdom, hires professionally trained teachers. Some parents are capable of educating their children; most are not. Even so, the education is primarily in the area of reading, writing, and history. I am a scientist holding an advanced degree and I don’t believe I have ever seen a typical parent capable of educating a child in science or math. But if you want to focus on bogus Creationism as science and skip over math, then have at it. My kids (receiving A’s in AP calculus taken as H.S. juniors) will have just that much more opportunity. They certainly appreciate the teachers who made it possible.

  2. Artie, thanks for supporting my position. I agree that in England during this time the state left children begging in the street. That is because they were treated as wards of the state. Charles Dickens makes the point that the problem was that the church was not engaged. When the church got engaged, things changed. In America, you saw something completely different. You saw the vast majority reading and writing and engaging in the ideas of the time. Edmund Burke and De Tocqueville are clear evidence to the fact that the colonist read Blackstone, Paine, and others. This is because the church was engaged. I will ignore your articles of faith, dismissive attitude and self-promotion.

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