3 comments on “The Legislature, An Honorable Body, Not a Vending Machine

  1. Problem is, Governor Nixon is not upholding his constitutional responsibilities. In fact, he is clearly violating the section Rep. Moon referenced.

    Yes – we need to hold both D’s and R’s responsible. When someone with one of those particular labels, actually does it, they are called partisan. Gotta start somewhere.

    I know Mike Moon. I really do believe if this were a Republican governor, he’d be making a fuss over it then too. He happens to be a rare breed of politician called a “statesman.”

  2. Doug is correct on all points. I know most of the parties to the lawsuit as well as Rep. Moon — these folks are all patriots, not rent-seekers with selfish motives.

    The bottom line is that Governor Nixon is breaking the law to the prejudice of hundreds of thousands of citizens. Rep. Moon and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit are doing what they can to uphold the rule of law.

  3. Doug and Ron, I do not disagree with anything Doug points out, and I accept unquestioningly that Rep. Moon is a statesman and doing the right thing. If I were a state representative, I would likely be doing the same thing. The Governor needs to follow the constitution and it is the legislature’s duty to hold his feet to the fire if he is abdicating his responsibility or abusing it. This is all consistent with what I wrote above. The legislature should be an honorable body, enacting laws that embody the principles found in the constitution and that embody wisdom. To pursue the Governor on this matter is Rep. Moon’s proper role. But I was not making any argument about whether the Governor was at fault.

    My point here, admittedly intended to ruffle some feathers, is one particular argument raised to support the lawsuit, and that is I must have my elected official in order to have access to the halls of government. The insidious part of this argument is the underlying notion that my elected official is there to represent me, i.e. get me stuff. I might be willing to go so far as to say that he is there to represent me to assure that justice is done for all of the citizens of the state. But, then, that is not really representing me. It is simply doing what is right for all the citizens. The bottom line is that there should be no competition between my representative and someone else’s representative for having benefits or superior rights under the law. The recourse to the halls of government should be intended to persuade it to execute justice and outline what justice looks like on each issue, not to win a battle.

    This concept of my representative represents me at the expense of someone else or of doing what is just is so odious to me, that I would gladly allow the Governor to slide for as long as he wanted if I could get all of the citizens of this great state to return to an understanding that our legislature is there to embody justice for all and not to get things or special treatment for their special interest groups. We see the practical results of this attitude every day, with entitlements on one side and crony capitalism (mercantilism for you Ron) on the other. This attitude makes the people of our nation and state greedy, covetous, and litigious. Not very attractive attributes. To the extent we fall back on this argument to support the lawsuit, we reinforce the attitude that makes us hateful and greedy. I have no Senator right now. That is fine with me if I could simply get people to agree that our legislature should execute justice. I will go to Senator Emery for the time being.

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