6 comments on “Climate Change: America’s First Sanctioned and Imposed Religion

  1. The author, in all his rhetoric, confuses the (local) weather with climate. Although here in the U.S. we just experienced a very cold winter, by any accounting, much of the rest of the world were recording new seasonal temperature highs.

    Her is a good anecdote, representing a question posed to a climate denier: Which is closer, the moon or Florida? The denier quickly relies: well duh, the moon, I mean you can’t even SEE Florida from here.

    You can’t simply look at your window thermometer and follow global warming. But the Arctic ice is rapidly disappearing, the can measure the increase in ocean acidity due to CO2 absorption, and mountain glaciers have greatly receded or disappeared altogether. Bad news.

  2. Thank you for your comment Artie. Nice try. But if you are going to do this in the future, you really need to engage the entire argument, not just your own strawman piece that you create so that you can knock it down easily.

    If you would engage the entire discussion you will notice that my thesis is that there are cycles in weather patterns. This is climate. BTW, climate is defined as “1.typical weather in region: the average weather or the regular variations in weather in a region over a period of years.” My thesis permits local shifts and cycles in weather patterns. I readily admit in my piece that the eleventh century saw a global warming trend. You mention that the Artic ice cap is melting. But you fail to mention that the Antarctic ice cap is expanding. My model can explain these phenomena. Yours can’t. Your faith, built on political models, proposes there is a trend in all the world. It has not been proven. The problem with the climate change faith is that it refuses to look at all the evidence of cycles. You ignore or reject evidence that is not convenient to you, such as is clear from the events of East Anglia.

    A good analogy for you? Which has a greater impact on our tides, the moon or Florida? Well, duh, Florida, because I can see the tide coming in. I can’t see the moon during the day and no one has told me otherwise. Sounds very much like the middle ages when people thought the earth was the center of the solar system because that is what the popular people said. Hang in there Artie. Don’t give up your faith.

  3. Yes, global warming data is very selective. The polar ice caps in the north are melting obviously means there is global warming. But the southern polar ice caps thickening, for some reason, is not counter evidence. Weather has cycles by its very nature. We are seeing weather in cycles and trying to make a problem out of it.

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