5 comments on “Ferguson is About Entitlement, Not About Justice

  1. Well, except… to someone who has paid into social security for a life time, it’s not an entitlement. It’s something that is OWED them. it’s not “free money,” it’s their OWN money being paid back to them. Other than that, I agree with your post.

    • Yes, you are absolutely correct. For those who have paid in, their “investment” must be protected. But it needs to be phased out some how. Sorry I did not make that significant distinction.

    • Sorry to say, but hogwash. We may have paid into social security but it was never an enforceable contract. There’s a Supreme Court ruling that says so. It was a promise made by politicians to get votes and the demographic math shows it a promise that can not be kept. Promises of policy are bound to change when they are not possible to keep. Get in line and hope you get something from those promise before there is nothing left to back them up. When that happens kick yourself in the hind end for going along with the Ponzi to begin with…that would be those born after roughly 1980 who continue to vote for free stuff for their parents, paid for by them. The social security trust fund is empty, nothing but IOUs from the federal government to the people who fund the federal government, plus interest owed on the money they paid in and that the government borrowed to fund yet more vote getting free stuff.

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