2 comments on “Time To Take a Stand

  1. So an article appeared in Christianity Today… meh… whaddya speck from those guys. I cancelled my subscription years ago, they do not accruatley portray nor fight for orthodoxy.

    You are on the mark with your list of changes we, God’s people, need to make.. starting with the pulpits, They have been sorely lacking for two generations. When ROE was first released, there should have been a battle cry rise up from our nation’s pulpits and millions marching in Washinton DC damanding those justices repent and change their ruling, or be removed. In the years sonce we’ve seen a number or qqually satanic rulings.. Kelo, Lawrence, now Obergefell to name only three. We the church, our preachers leading the charge, need to rise up and simply refuse to allow these nine putative lawmakers in their black pyjamas to dictate the morality under which we live. Two of those “justices’ should have, by law, recused themselves. That would have made the decision 4 to 3 against instead of 5 4 for. WHO will hold these frauds accountable? No one…… our fault. BUT, they do not have their own army to come round ahd FORCE us to comply with their wishes, do they? I really like what has recetnly happened in Kentucky….

    Yes, we the church must take the role in society we have been given by our Saviour… the One whom we claim to follow. The longer we stand idly by, wringing our collective hands and weeping because “things are SO BAD, the worse they will get.

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